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The Madness of Poe

The Genius of Poe

Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe
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"As it is, you will easily perceive that I am one of the many uncounted victims of the Imp of the Perverse"
~Edgar Allan Poe [1845]

I am the moderator: cuervodepaz and im_a_dark_lord
This community was formed when I realized there was no community thoroughly focused on Edgar Allan Poe, the creator of the mystery/detective story, and one of the most gifted and genius writers of the 19th century. It's an extension of my personal creative writing journal, which also serves as a small tribute to Poe (im_a_dark_lord).

Feel free to post your posts about Poe, and his works. Your likes and dislikes, questions or suggestions. Even a poem of his you feel like posting. Or even any Poe-inspired works of your own.

I hope there is a greater interest out there.